Form is an instrumental Post-Rock Trio based in Vienna, Austria.
We like to jazz to rock to make our guests dance with us through our Live-Shows

Alex an der Haas : Drums
Andreas Grünauer : Trombone
Ronald von den Sternen : Bass

Based on the idea of Director David Kleinl, we filmed a One Shot Video at the gallery room of Judith Kernel (her fantastic art in the background). The special feature: We recorded audio simultaneously. Our audio engineer Klaus Gstettner made this possible: recording parallel on both computer and an original Studer tape machine!. Director of Photography, Florian Hofer balanced the situation with brilliant ideas and delivered an excellent shot through our music. Enjoy!

Director & Idea: David Kleinl,
Director of Photography: Florian Hofer,
Audio Recording & Mix: Klaus Gstettner,
Art, Location & Set Design: Judith Kernel

Previous Shows

03-07-2020 - grillx, together with Mann über Bord
01-2020 - Fluc, Vienna, together with AMNT (AUT)
12-2019 - Christmas Special @Breakfast Club
11-2019 - New Adits Festival, Klagenfurt, Carinthia
05.2019 - grillx, Vienna, together with AMNT (AUT)
12.2018 / grillx, Vienna, together with Yakata (AUT)
10.2018 / AU, Vienna together with Punčke (CRO)
10.2018 / grillx, Vienna
03.2018 / raj, Klagenfurt together with Radio Erian
09.2017 / Musikfest Grabern
05.2017 / goodbye mo.e exhibition, Vienna
05.2017 / raj, Klagenfurt together with Radio Erian
01.2017 / Chelsea, Vienna with RamboRamboRambo (AUT)
11.2016 / Art exhibition "Grund Los", Vienna